In her native Jičín she started playing a quater-sized violin when she was only six years old. At seven, she played a half-sized instrument and she began to play the regular-sized violin when she was nine years old. She studied the instrument with Ms. Vondřejcová in the Basic Art School (ZUŠ). At the same school she also started taking her singing lessons with Ms. Hanzlová. Then she became a member of Jičíňáček folklore ensemble, singing and dancing in almost all European countries. In 1999 Barbora graduated from the conservatory in Teplice, where she studied the viola with profesor Skibin, during the next three years worked as a violist in the North-Bohemian Philharmonic orchestra in Teplice.

After that she cooperated a number of years with the Czech National Symphonic orchestra, conducted by P. Freeman and Libor Pešek. She was part of their tour throughout Great Britain in 2000. Since the year 1999, when she first sang several jazz standards with her colleagues from the SČF in the jam session of the Clarinet Society, Barbora has been a well established and well recognized jazz singer. Soon she sang with outstanding Czech musicians and jazzmen, such as Petr Malásek, Vít Fiala as well as with Radim Linhart, Petr Kroutil, Onřej Kabrna, Michal Hejna, Imran Musa Zangi, František Kop, Svatopluk Košvanec, Vladimír Žižka, Jiří Růžička, Jan Jirucha and many others on the jazz stages both at home and abroad. During the years 2008-2011 she lived and sang in Greece under the name of Barbora Mindrinu. This name also appears on her successful album CLOSE TO YOU, where she sings with her new 15-member orchestra and with the actress Chantal Poulain as guest artist.

Barbora loves Ella Fitzerard, and her songs help Barbora build her own repertoire as well as style. During her jazz career she had an oportunity to perform with the stars of Czech jazz. She shared the stage with Vlasta Průchová, Eva Pilarová, Petra Janů, Petr Lioa and others. She cooperated with Felix Slováček´s band, Ferdinand Havlík´s Swingband, Bohuslav Volf´s Bigband and The Swings vocal quartet. At present, she is a member of the Petr Kroutil Orchestra, where she enjoyes a significant freedom to develop her talent of improvisation, focusing on the Latin- American music. As a member of this orchestra, she excelled at many Czech and foreign festivals. Her numerous performances in Germany are sponsored by the German Sachsen Bank. It has become a tradition that every year she is a star of the concluding concerts of the Přerovské Jazz Days Festival. In the past Barbara used to be a regular soloist in concerts for Jazz at the Castle produced by presidentVaclav Klaus.

From these concerts two additional recordings were made. (MultiSonic) Because the president was so enchanted by this Jazz-Diva, it is completely logical that her singing could not have been absent at the “baptisms“ of most of his books. She organized the Porgy and Bess project (Gershwin) and sang with the Black American Singer, Lee Andrew Davison, accompanied by the North Bohemian Philharmonic orcherstra in Teplice (conducted by Alexander Apolin). This work has been presented with several different orchestras, including the Hradec Kralove Philharmonic, (conducted by Miriam Nemcova), the South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic – České Budějovice (conducted by Stanislav Vavřinek), the Brno Philharmonic (conducted by Jakub Klecker), the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic in Zlin (conductd by Stanislav Vavřinek), the Moravian Philharmonic in Olomouc (conducted by Petr Chromcak), etc.

This project was performed several times in the Hybernia Theater in Prague accompanied by the Prague Film Orchestra (conducted by Jiri Koryta). Within the framework of this project Bara cooperated with the Herold Quartet. She and Vit Fiala created a memorial evening for Vlasta Pruchova, at the Jazz Days of Duba. 2012 saw her proclaimed as the most beautiful Jazz-Diva of the Czech Republic, by the web-site Super.CZ. In 2013 her fourth compact disc was published, utilizing the Petr Kroutil Orchestra, where she was a significant co-author.